Why Bankers Choose Us?

Real People Answer Your Calls

At Nicola Banking we answer your calls personally. No automated attendants, no calling queues, no button pushing for the right department. Our client banks know that an experienced member of our staff will answer their calls every time.

Experienced Staff

Our highly-trained team has an average of 14 years of experience each. And the majority of our staff has real-world banking experience.


Your goal as a banker is to maximize your bank’s earnings within the regulatory and competitive challenges of the marketplace. We help you achieve that goal by providing a reliable, proven and competitively priced core system which can be tailored for your specific needs with a variety of options.

Ease of Use

Bankers consistently tell us that our system is easy to use. From conversion day to years later, we help our clients with the initial design, implementation and support calls. Call us – we’ll be happy to provide you with names of bankers you can call for a reference.

We value your opinion! Let us know what your experience as a client has been or offer us suggestions on how we can improve by using our contact form.