NBS Teller

NBS Teller is available in both item capture and non-capture environments.  Both versions of NBS Teller provide unsurpassed integration including real-time balance information, dormant/inactive account notification, stop payment and hold information, NSF alerts and all other pertinent information available on the NBS Core application which mean tellers won’t have to leave the application.  Both packages include additional integration to NBS’s  signature card and ID verification package including ID scanning capability directly from the teller workstation.

NBS Teller includes additional modules such as cashier check and money order printing, bond redemption calculation with electronic extract to automatically create 1099’s, deposit hold placement with customer notification, CTR and monetary instrument tracking and a wealth of reporting including transaction mining and activity breakdown.  Item capture also includes virtual items for cash ins/outs, checking and savings deposits and withdrawals with electronic signature capability, loan debits and credits and general ledger items.

All these features are combined with customer relation incorporation with birthday notifications and intra-bank communication with the real-time bulletin board.  and NBS’s excellent support is always a part of the overall package.

Contact Ken Coughlin at (405) 224 – 8670

Click Here For a Whitesheet With Screenshots of the Program.