Report Archival

The NBS Archival System allows your bank to store all computer-generated reports, ledgers, statements, etc. on highly reliable yet low cost removable hard drives. While virtually eliminating the need for microfiche, film and paper, the NBS Archival System greatly reduces employee research time, printing and copying time and expense and storage and shredding costs.

The NBS Archival System is a true multiple-user host-based archival system. Most users keep 5-7 years of stored reports online which can be searched and retrieved in seconds from any PC on your network. Previous years can also be viewed from permanent media on any PC.

And the NBS Archival System is easy to use. With user-friendly screens and instructions, new users can comfortably use the system within a day. Plus, NBS includes unparalleled integration with the NBS core system, even view all reports relating to a customer or account with a single click of the mouse.

With the NBS Archival System, you have the freedom and flexibility of your favorite internet browser while maintaining the power and control of NBS programming. Retrieve reports with virtually instantaneous results using our multi-tiered search engine then incorporate your browser’s tools to enlarge, copy, paste, print,  fax, email or export to other products (such as Word or Excel) on your command. Earmark specific reports for future viewing or review previous file searches through the history module, whatever your archival needs, NBS has your solution.