ID/Signature Verification

The NBS Signature Card/ID Verification System allows your bank to quickly and easily collect, store and retrieve your important customer signature cards and proof of identification, all with the single-click of a mouse.

The NBS Signature Card/ID Verification System uses efficient and simple-to-use scanners to make your document collection precise and hassle-free. We include a high-resolution flat-bed scanner with an automatic document feed tray, this eliminates the frustration and poor quality that can accompany a system with a hand-held scanner. And with a virtually infinite array of customizable scanning zones, your capture can be error free no matter how many different types of signature cards you’ve accumulated over the years. And with thorough and easy-to-understand on-site training, you can be up and running in minutes. The system resides on your host system which allows access from any client on your NBS network, not just your tellers, along with integration into item imaging and teller systems. And we not only sell you for the here and now, but we give you enough processing ability to carry you through your bank’s growing needs.