With eSt@tements your bank customers can now receive their monthly statements, including item images, directly to their email address. Customers will experience the ease and efficiency of accessing their bank statement at their home or office while your bank saves time and money by eliminating statement preparation and postage.

And at NBS we’re serious about security. The statement is created in a non-editable format… not HTML like other vendors, and is delivered directly to the customers email box – no files on an internet server waiting to be downloaded by your customer, or someone else. Also, the statements are password encrypted for additional security. Not only will you and your customer be granted the ultimate in statement convenience, but you can also provide your customer with a statement tailored to his individual needs. Customers can choose the number of images per page and whether they wish additional password protection on the statement file. Once downloaded, your customer can search for specific items by amount, check number or date and images can be magnified for easy viewing. Customers can print, fax or email their statement to their accountant or business. In addition to the statement and images, your customers will receive various database downloads perfect for auto-reconciliation in many commercial financial management packages.

Included with eSt@tements are e@dvertisements which utilize the same principles of the eSt@tements and allow your bank to mass or target email your customer base, tell your customers about special promotions or events, notify them of your newest rates, or simply send them a birthday greeting by using the power of your NBS system with an almost effortless deployment.