Document Imaging

NBS Document Imaging allows users to access and manage the ever-increasing amounts of information being stored. The following statistics are evidence of the massive amounts of paper that exist in American businesses today:

  • One billion pages of paper are generated a day in the US.
  • A typical executive stores the equivalent of five filing cabinets.
  • The same executive spends more than 150 hours a year searching for misplaced documents.
  • The average missing file costs $120 in lost productivity.

NBS Document Imaging provides the opportunity to replace paper with computerized images. This technology instantly delivers a digitized image of the document to a user’s computer screen. And because the NBS Document Imaging is a host-based system, the image can then be shared by several users simultaneously (including remote locations). And because we have written our own product instead of using a third party, NBS boasts the most complete integration in the industry… whether it is looking at the entire credit file on the main customer Inquiry screen, or in-depth analysis by pulling documents based on any core database field(s)… the NBS Document Imaging System is more than just a file replacement product. Not only do you get easy document retrieval but also the peace of mind of a high-level security system so users see only what they should.

An added plus, NBS has made document acquisition a breeze with single-document scan or bulk-mode with high-speed, duplex scanners…or import existing imaged files and documents in many formats. Let your documents work for you… only with the NBS Document Imaging System.